Welcome to Notary Public 1027 Tehran-IRAN.

Preparing accurate & reliable documents with 20 years experience ,our Notary public office is registered and certified by Iranian Judiciary system under the supervision of Keyvan Emadi.

Relationships are important in everyone’s life. We are pleased to introduce you to our notary public office, professionals who practice within specific, non-contentious areas of the law. Notaries can play an important role in your life .This includes assisting you with advice and solution to the host of legal issues you may encounter throughout your life, you will find that notary offers an efficient way to deal with many of your legal needs.

Our services complete the consultation re your legal foreign documents and we are the first notary public office compared with others which has experts who can guide you ,the client, in English French and Arabic.

Furthermore we have prepared a quiet confidential area for discussing any contractual parties, agreements and contracts etc.
Finally you can be secure in the knowledge that we can assist in other administrative services,for example court proceedings as we have over 20 years experience in this field.
We believe that communication is vitally important and a staff member will always be available to take your call or answer any email with regard to any questions or concerns that may arise during the different stages of your deal.

We also offer legal services for Litigation Matters.

We emphasize that satisfaction of our clients is our only aim.


  • Notarizations, Certifications, legalizations of documents such as Transfer of lands, Evaluation documents, Annulment of the agreement,
  • Witnessing a signature
  • Custodianship declaration, Statutory declaration, Consents, Good conduct,  Professional staff identification and etc.
  • Creating legal documents
  • Commission of Oaths, Affidavits, Solemn Affirmation and declarations
  • Easement and rights of way
  • Certify true copies of documents
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Mercantile documents
  • Leases and assignments of rents
  • Contracts, Wills and Swearing
  • Affidavits and Powers of attorney

Real State: any property transaction such as documentation of properties by issuing title deeds.
Vehicles: registration of any transaction upon cars, trucks, Machinery etc. preparing paper work & issuing title deeds.
Power of attorney: preparing and registering any officials wills and related documents.
Affidavits: preparing official document.
Certification: certifying copies of expression documents in accordance with the original ones.
Miscellaneous: preparing any types of contracts, drafting contracts, promissory notes, registering documents for foreign affairs and related subjects.