• Notarizations, Certifications, legalizations of documents such as Transfer of lands, Evaluation documents, Annulment of the agreement,
  • Witnessing a signature
  • Custodianship declaration, Statutory declaration, Consents, Good conduct,  Professional staff identification and etc.
  • Creating legal documents
  • Commission of Oaths, Affidavits, Solemn Affirmation and declarations
  • Easement and rights of way
  • Certify true copies of documents
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Mercantile documents
  • Leases and assignments of rents
  • Contracts, Wills and Swearing
  • Affidavits and Powers of attorney

Real State: any property transaction such as documentation of properties by issuing title deeds.
Vehicles: registration of any transaction upon cars, trucks, Machinery etc. preparing paper work & issuing title deeds.
Power of attorney: preparing and registering any officials wills and related documents.
Affidavits: preparing official document.
Certification: certifying copies of expression documents in accordance with the original ones.
Miscellaneous: preparing any types of contracts, drafting contracts, promissory notes, registering documents for foreign affairs and related subjects.